You May Need a Copywriter if…

Hi Friends!

I wanted to do something short and sweet tonight because I haven’t done my little workout yet, and it’s pretty late, so let’s get into this real quick…

Reasons you need a copywriter’s help:

  • You are starting a new business and need copy for your website
  • Your current website isn’t getting enough traffic
  • You want to add blogs to your website, but you either don’t have time to write, or you don’t think writing is your strength
  • You need ads for your company’s social media pages
  • You’re launching a new product or service, and you want a high-converting landing page
  • You want to tell your business story but can’t find the right words
  • You don’t have time to run your business and create ads
  • You want to put out a monthly newsletter to your clients
  • You want to share news about your company through an email newsletter

These are just a sampling of the reasons you may need a professional copywriter.

Working with a copywriter saves you time, builds your business, and keeps you in front of your clients.
If you need high-quality copy for all of the above and more, contact me. I am available for one-off jobs as well as on retainer for monthly assignments.
Let’s get it done!


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