Let’s go!

It’s sunrise.

You’re cruising a highway at 55 mph.

The radio is on the easy listening station because you’re just out for a relaxing Sunday drive.

Suddenly, you pass a speed limit sign that says 70 mph.

There’s no one around either in front of you or in the rear view mirror.

The road is long. There’s nothing between you and the horizon but black top and two yellow lines.

Do you punch that gas pedal and hit 70… maybe even 80 or do you go wild and crazy, opening that engine up to see what it can do?

You’ve never been in this situation before. You’ve never been on a deserted highway or driven over the speed limit…ever.

Oh the dilemma! Your heart races a bit.

At last… the opportunity to let loose and floor that baby!

You take a deep breath…

And switch the radio station to hard rock…


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